About membership

Our members are both the drivers of National Voices and its lifeblood. The diversity of insight and expertise means we have:

• an unrivalled understanding of the evolving health and social care ecosystem;

• extensive and increasingly influential relationships with politicians, civil servants, NHS and local government leaders, regulators and opinion leaders and the media;

• opportunities to help shape the future of health and social care.

 Types of National Voices membership

Full membership: for national voluntary organisations who represent patients, service users, carers and families in England.

Professional membership: comes into play where it is mutually beneficial for an organisation to have an affiliation to National Voices but where their professional voice may limit their ability to speak for service users. These are supporters of National Voices and are usually organisations working in the sector eg regulatory bodies and royal colleges. 

If your organisation does not meet with our membership criteria, but would like to get involved in National Voices' work, please contact our membership department membership@nationalvoices.org.uk

We also work with corporate partners and sponsors.

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