How do people join the Panel?

  • Service User Panelists are individuals nominated through National Voices' member organisations or affiliates
  • Panelists are 'experts by experience' with a knowledge of health and/or social care systems
  • Please click to see more information about nominating service users to the Panel

What is the time commitment?

  • We let panelists know about opportunities for involvement coming from National Voices or external agencies. Panelists decide when to get involved - when a topic is of interest or they have experience in a particular area
  • Panelists choose their involvement level in accordance with their individual circumstances, capacity, capability, availability and personal wishes
  • Although face-to-face roundtable meetings are a great way for panelists to get informed about and feed in their views on a particular issue, other engagement methods such as online/paper surveys and forums are also used

Who is the main contact?

How will panelists hear about involvement opportunities?

  • Panelists receive a e-newsletter, Service User Voices. This includes updates on National Voices' work, health and social care news, and opportunities for involvement in our work and that of partner organisations and the wider health and social care field
  • In most cases National Voices will provide a brief to panelists about an involvement activity they have elected to participate in, and what is expected of them

Are refreshments provided?

  • Refreshments are provided at events including lunch for all day events. We endeavour to meet all dietary requirements and this information will be requested for all events

What about accessibility issues?

  • Venues for events are selected bearing in mind accessibility issues
  • Not all activities involve events. It is possible to participate in different types of engagement activities including online forums and surveys

What about expenses?

  • National Voices reimburses travel expenses for attendance at events - for standard class public transport tickets and where necessary fuel by the mile for car travel
  • All receipts must be submitted and reimbursements will be made by BACS payment in most cases

For full details on expenses please click here.