Health White Paper 'Liberating the NHS'

In 2010 the coalition government set out its plans for health reform in a White Paper, 'Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS', and a series of associated consultations.

In December 2010 it published a Command Paper that prefigured the Health and Social Care Bill 2011.

National Voices responded to these consultations in various ways, leading to our campaign on the Bill.

Below are our responses, and links to the official documents.

Command Paper

Analysis of Command Paper (January 2011)

Command Paper: 'Liberating the NHS: legislative framework and next steps' DH (December 2010)

Information, choice and control

Information Revolution consultation and government response (August 2011)

Response to consultations on Information and Choice (January 2011)

Choice and Control consultation (January 2011)

White Paper series

White Paper and associated consultations: 'Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS' (July 2010)

Response to White Paper and associated consultations (October 2010)