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Our Pledge for NHS Change Day

11 March 2015

For NHS Change Day this year we pledge to develop #WOWhealth networks to enable people to live well. 

Every Moment Counts: new vision for coordinated care for people near the end of life calls for brave conversations

2 March 2015 

Every Moment Counts: a narrative for person centred coordinated care for people near the end of life sets out how good, coordinated – or integrated – care looks to people near the end of life and is written from their point of view. 

National Voices joins forces with partners on key messages for the election

25 February 2015

The 2015 Challenge: Our prescription for the election document published by 23 organisations, emphasises the importance of political leadership, alongside health and care leadership, in helping secure change. We welcome the report published and are calling, in collaboration with other organisations, for politicians to work in partnership with the public, patients, clinicians and other local leaders to ensure changes secure the best possible health outcomes and sustainable services, rather than blocking necessary change. 

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