Panel Membership

How does it work?

Each National Voices' member organisation is invited to nominate up to five service users for the Service User Panel.

Some panelists are also recruited from outside National Voices' membership to increase the range of perspectives, experiences and diversity of the panel.

When nominating service users for the panel, organisations will be asked to consider the following:

On receipt of the nominations

Once National Voices receives nominations we will send each service user a welcome pack with:

What happens next?

  • The service user completes and returns the equal opportunities / about you monitoring form together with the application form (this must be endorsed by the nominating member organisation).
  • On reviewing forms and correspondence from the member organisation that nominated them, as long as the nominee is suited to the role we will formally welcome them to the panel, send them the latest edition of the Service User Voices newsletter, and look forward to working with them.

Duration of membership of the Service User Panel

  • Membership of the user panel has no specified end date
  • Service user panelists reserve the right to leave the panel when they choose
  • National Voices' member organisations reserve the right to withdraw the membership of their nominated service users
  • National Voices reserves the right to withdraw the membership of a service user panelist