The policy context


Current policy work

Since the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill, National Voices has responded to a number of government consultations on information and choice, shared decision making, the mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board and the draft Care and Support Bill.

We have also been building strong relationships with the new NHS Commissioning Board and working with members to continue to influence on a broad range of key policy issues.

More information on our current influencing priorities can be found here


Reforming the health and social care landscape

In July 2010, the coalition government set out its plans for health reform in a White Paper, 'Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS', and a series of associated consultations. The NV response welcomed the Government’s vision for shared decision making, better coordination, and greater choice and control but called for genuine patient involvement and a stronger focus on prevention, inequalities and care in the community.

In December 2010, the Government published a Command Paper that prefigured the Health and Social Care Bill 2011. This announced a more phased approach to transition, a strengthened role for health and Wellbeing Boards and a more distinct identity for Healthwatch England. NV produced a summary outlining how the paper responded to our calls for action and submitted a full response to the consultations on information and choice and control.

Campaign on the Bill

National Voices worked closely with members and partners to campaign for changes to the Health and Social Care Bill throughout its passage through Parliament.

  • 9 big shouts: National Voices submitted this document to the NHS Future Forum, during the ‘pause’ in the progress of the Health and Social Care Bill – a summary of patient organisations’ 9 top priorities
  • Inclusion of a duty to secure the involvement of each patient in their care and treatment: National Voices produced a briefing on the meaning of these new clauses and 43 NV members signed a letter published in The Times