Generic health concerns but not condition specific

A Qualitative Synthesis Of The Positive And Negative Impacts Related To Delivery Of Peer-Based Health Interventions In Prison Settings. South J, Woodall J, Kinsella K, Bagnall Am. BMC Health Serv Res 2016;16(1):525.

A comprehensive look into the advantages and disadvantages of using peer support in a prison setting

Peer Housing Support Program

The Peer Housing Support Program is a Lived Experience community-driven initiative, dedicated to providing support with, and a sense of community and belonging for, people transitioning from experiences of homelessness to safe and stable housing of their choice. The Peer Housing Support Program is a partnership between peers, peer supporters, the Coalition, and participating housing organizations. The effectiveness of peer support in recovery-informed practice is evidence-based as an integral support within health and social services.

DIMENSIONS: Peer support program toolkit

This toolkit is designed for use by hospitals, healthcare clinics and community agencies wanting to set up, grow or sustain a peer support programme. It provides practical tools and step-by-step instructions to plan for, implement, and sustain a successful peer support program. Examples are given from the fields of behavioural health, long-term conditions, justice, military and the homeless.


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