The European Union: How does it affect health and wellbeing in the UK?

Thu, 28 April 2016

On June 23 2016 each of us will have to make a potentially momentous decision. It will be a choice for us as individuals, and here at National Voices we won’t be advising our members to vote one way or the other in the EU referendum.

The EU has somehow become a subject of impassioned debate, dividing families and colleagues as much as parties. As far as health is concerned, whether Britain would be better served by remaining or leaving can only be a matter of speculation. But it can at least be informed speculation, and that means understanding what relevance our current EU membership has to health.

To help, we've compiled a briefing to explain some ways in which the EU currently impacts on health and wellbeing in the UK. No speculation, no assumptions, no guessing what might happen: just a snapshot of how things stand today. Be warned, it’s not our shortest briefing, but we hope it will be useful to you and your members as you consider how to vote on 23 June.