Integrated Care Pioneers: two years on

Thu, 21 January 2016

NHS England has published the second annual report of the Integrated Care Pioneers Programme.

There are 25 integrated care pioneer sites across England that have been selected to develop and test new and different ways of joining up health and social care services. 

National Voices has been supporting the programme throughout. Each pioneer site is working towards the definition of integration set out in National Voices’ Narrative for Person-Centred Coordinated Care.

People helping people – year two of the pioneer programme describes the journey taken over the last year by the integrated care pioneers. The report describes the progress, challenges and lessons learnt across the pioneers. Also included within the report are pioneers’ stories which describe the core elements of their care models and showcase how these are impacting real people.

Commenting on the Integrated Care Pioneers second annual report, Don Redding, National Voices’ Director of Policy, said:

I have confidence in the integrated care pioneers because I see the quality of the people and the commitment within the pioneer group as a whole, despite the barriers that can get in the way. Yes, I think we’re still getting there. I have confidence that we’re going in the right direction and we are still moving forward. It’s the quality of the people in the pioneer group and the commitment to what they’re attempting.

Visit the Integrated Care Pioneers website to download the second annaul report.


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