National Voices’ response to NHS announcement on future use of health data

Fri, 29 September 2023

Responding to the announcement of a £2 million fund to support the public in shaping future use of health data by the NHS, Jacob Lant, Chief Executive of National Voices, said:

“Patient feedback consistently shows that people want the NHS to make better use of data and technology to provide a more seamless and efficient service. At the same time, public trust in the NHS being able to do this is not where it needs to be.

“We have seen really positive and innovative uses of data to help fight Covid, but in other areas we’ve seen programmes move too quickly with the NHS recognising that it needs to do more to keep communities informed. 

“This topic needs careful and considered public engagement, so I am pleased to see significant funds being invested in getting this conversation right. We recognise this is a very fast-moving policy area with new initiatives, like the Federated Data Platform, emerging all the time. It’s therefore vital the NHS continuously involves communities, working with them to shape the future together.”