Priorities for the new government

Fri, 15 July 2016

National Voices writes to the Prime Minister making clear the key areas requiring attention from the new Government.

National Voices has written to Prime Minister Theresa May, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, and Hunt's new ministerial team, setting out priority areas of health and care that will require the attention of the new government.

The letter builds on National Voices’ position statement, Person-Centred Care 2020, developed with National Voices members. The letter to the newly appointed Prime Minister calls for:

  • Investment in social care, public health, and the VCSE sector in recognition that the NHS cannot meet the health and wellbeing challenge on its own.
  • A new approach to improving health education for children.
  • A system that meets mental as well as physical health needs, recognising that the current inability to meet mental health needs has an impact on wellbeing, physical health, and economic productivity.
  • Greater engagement with people and communities, and resources for the voluntary sector to perform its crucial role in this.
  • A drive to tackle inequalities and improve the health and wellbeing of those with the poorest health.
  • Mitigation of the negative impacts of Brexit, specifically the impact on EU nationals working in health and care now and in the future, and the impact on research and innovation.

National Voices and its members will continue to offer support, advice and services to the Government, helping to ensure that the voices of patients, carers, citizens and voluntary organisations are brought into the development and implementation of policy.

Download the full letters from the bottom of this page.

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