Sub-optimal care still a reality for many older people

Wed, 13 July 2016

National Voices responds to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) review of integrated care for older people.

Today (13 July 2016) the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published a report following its review of integrated care for older people.

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers finds that some older people are being denied personalised, effective and responsive care due to poor integration across local systems. Amongst other things, the report recommends that:

  • An methodology and data set for identifying people at risk of admission to secondary care is developed across health and social care
  • Older people are meaningfully involved in making informed decisions about their care needs and care planning, in particular about the outcomes that are important to them.
  • A set of metrics and outcomes measures for integrated care are developed and shared, and are based on a consistent, shared view and definition of integration.

The report draws on I’m Still Me: a narrative for coordinated support for older people , which was developed by National Voices, in partnership with Age UK and UCL Partners.

Commenting on the report, Don Redding, Director of Policy at National Voices, the coalition of 160 health and care charities, said:

Although the integration pioneers and other areas are working to create new models of coordination, this report shows that fragmented, uncoordinated, sub-optimal care is still a reality for many older people, their families and carers.

National Voices supports the CQC’s call for a stronger focus on person centred outcomes, based on what matters most to people as evidenced by personalised care planning.

National Voices’ work with Age UK and UCL Partners on I’m Still Me: a narrative for coordinated support for older people  showed that whilst individual treatment outcomes are important, the system should direct its efforts towards supporting quality of life, independence, social connections, and family life.

For further info or comment, please contact Andrew McCracken, National Voices Head of Communications, on 020 3176 0737

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