Jeremy Taylor on involving patients in hospital closures

Thu, 6 May 2010

6 May, 2010 | By Jeremy Taylor


It is nearly a year since NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson announced the need for £15bn-£20bn of NHS efficiency savings.people with dementia supported at home, we want more people to be able to die at home. We know that this way lies better outcomes; better user experience; better value for money.

Those of us familiar with the arguments know that the health spending squeeze presents a glass half full moment. The discipline of less money could be the spur to do the things that are needed but which the NHS has shied away from: a massive redirection of resources into prevention and primary and community care; more support for self care; better integration of health and social care; the recognition of services aligned with need rather than institutional vested interests; the closure of some hospitals.

A big part of it is that the NHS has been very poor at managing major service redesigns.

National Voices - a coalition of more than 200 national voluntary health and social care organisations - wants this to happen. We want to see fewer people with long term conditions admitted to hospital as emergencies, we want to see elderly