HealthWatch – Communities Involved

Wed, 6 February 2013

H-CI is a new project of National Voices, Regional Voices, CSV and Navca. Through our voluntary sector networks we hope to reach 30,000 groups across the country with a message for them to pass on to local people – to get involved, Get on the Map.

Local health and social care is changing rapidly. If people want to participate in shaping care services and hold them to account, they need to make themselves known to the new organisations that are taking charge. They need to ‘get on the map’ and they may need support to do so.

This project will help to inform and educate people on the opportunities to participate locally, including the establishment of new local Healthwatch organisations from April 2013.

It offers member organisations’ members and supporters the chance to identify themselves as potential participants by signing up to get on the map of involvement our project partners will hold, and which will be made available to Healthwatch and other organisations.