What Coordinated Care Really Looks Like

Tue, 14 May 2013

National Voices welcomes ambitions to make joined-up health and care the norm by 2018, as set out by Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb, and urges health and care staff to make use of a new vision for coordinated care.

Commissioned by NHS England, the vision or ‘Narrative’ was developed with service users, by National Voices and partners. It shows what coordinated care would look like from the perspective of patients, service users, families and carers. We hope all local areas will adopt it, especially through their Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health and Wellbeing Boards, taking up the challenge of seeing & redesigning services through their users' eyes.

The Minister’s announcements also herald a set of new “pioneer” areas around the country, focusing on practical ways to achieve coordinated care, as well as new ways to measure’ people’s experience of coordinated care.

Don Redding, National Voices’ Director of Policy, says: “Coordinated care is a top priority for patients and service users, such as people with long term conditions and those living with disabilities. They, carers and their family members are all fed up with having to navigate a confusing system at the most stressful time of our lives.

“The Health & Social Care Act brought new duties on organisations to deliver more integrated care. But legal duties don’t explain how to do it. Patients and service users want the focus to be on coordinating our personal care. This is about great management, about keeping all efforts focused on patients and carers and fantastic teamwork across organisations and departments.”