Defining Integrated Care & Agreeing a Narrative

Wed, 12 December 2012

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Integrated care. Coordinated care. Joined-up care. Call it what you will, most people – patients, professionals and politicians - agree we need it. However there is still much debate on how to describe it. The King's Fund has counted 175 different definitions of integration so far. Meanwhile, The King’s Fund/Nuffield Trust said, and NHS Future Forum agreed, that “The most fundamental prerequisite to the development of integrated care at scale is the crafting of a powerful narrative”.

National Voices has been commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board to create this Narrative – taking the perspective of patients, carers and other service users.
The Commissioning Board will adopt the completed Narrative as its framework definition for ‘integration’. The Local Government Association (LGA), the Department of Health and Monitor are all supporting it.

We hope other NHS, health and care organisations including CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards will adopt the Narrative and pledge to work to achieve it.

Here is a brief overview of the work so far.

And here is a presentation of the Narrative for you to test and help us refine.
The NHS Commissioning Board is collating feedback and we do urge you to respond: please click here to give your views.