After Francis: Doing Justice

Wed, 13 March 2013

Immediate Changes to Get the Ball Rolling

On NHS Change Day National Voices has issued a report, After Francis: Doing Justice, demanding a proper response to the Francis report and highlighting some of the urgent changes we need to see.

These include a legal duty of honesty so that hospitals and other NHS bodies must tell patients and their families if harm has been done.

National Voices’ Chief Executive, Jeremy Taylor, says: “A new NHS comes into being on
1 April in England. We want to see it imbued with the qualities that Robert Francis found to be deficient: compassionate, honest, open, transparent and with patients, families and communities having a strong voice.

National Voices believes many of the changes could be done quickly and will make a real difference. They include:

•    A legal duty of honesty: the Government should implement a statutory duty of candour for organisations to require them to tell patients when they have caused harm.

•    An end to “gagging” clauses for departing staff.

•    New whistle-blowing protection rights for patients and their families.

•    A new legal right for patients to participate in producing a care plan.

•    Ring-fenced funding for local Healthwatch organisations. New regulations for Healthwatch, which appear to constrain their freedom to comment on policy, should be replaced.

•    A new legal right to an independent advocate for the most vulnerable patients.

See a full copy of the report.

National Voices is a coalition of 130 health and social care charities all working to strengthen the voice of patients, service users, carers and families.


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