National Voices responds to the Labour 10 Year Plan for the NHS

Tue, 27 January 2015

Jeremy Taylor, chief executive of National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, says:

“We welcome the Labour 10 year plan which offers a powerful vision and direction for improving health, wellbeing and care. Since Andy Burnham first set out his vision of whole person care it is clear that much thought has gone into developing it, not least as a result of the Oldham Commission. 

“More work is needed to flesh out the vision, however. Issues include: Labour’s vision of citizen and service user involvement seems underdeveloped; new rights for patients and carers in the NHS Constitution - while welcome - don’t answer the question how to give the NHS Constitution teeth; it remains unclear whether Labour supports personal budgets in creating people-powered health; there is a tension between the policy of the NHS as preferred provider and a powerful role for local voluntary organisations and it is not clear that Labour has fully risen to the funding challenges set out in the recent Five Year Forward View. 

“Getting this right means working closely with people who use services, voluntary organisations and health and care professionals. National Voices looks forward to continuing to work with Labour’s health team on these and other issues. The other parties also need to set out their plans.”


Read about National Voices’ vision for health and care in Person centred care 2020: Calls and contributions from health and social care charities.


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Notes to editors 

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National Voices is the national coalition of health and social care charities in England. We work together to strengthen the voice of patients, service users, carers, their families and the voluntary organisations that work for them. We have more than 160 members with 140 charity members and 20 professional and associate members. Our broad membership covers a diverse range of conditions and communities and connects with the experiences of millions of people. 

National Voices' trustee Angela Coulter and former trustee Jeremy Hughes were both members of the Oldham Commission for Whole-Person Care. 

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