Our Pledge for NHS Change Day

Wed, 11 March 2015

For NHS Change Day this year we pledge to develop #WOWhealth networks to enable people to live well. 

Through our Wellbeing Our Way programme, supported by the Health Foundation, we will bring together networks of community and voluntary organisations and people with lived experience to develop ways of enabling people to live well, in the ways which matter to them. Wellbeing Our Way will build the capacity of voluntary sector organisations to empower people to be active in:

  • managing their health and working towards their personal goals
  • making decisions about the care, support and treatment they receive, in relation to what's important for their lives 
  • engaging with and shaping health and care support.

This will be done through a series of shared learning workshops (POW WOWs). Each POW WOW will be held in London, 11am – 3pm with lunch provided. The first POW WOW explores Care and Support planning / Coaching Techniques on 31 March.

For further information and to register for a POW WOW, please visit our Wellbeing Our Way page

Together we can make a big change. #NHSChangeDay 

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