National Voices updates Person Centred Care 2020: Calls and contributions from health and social care charities

Thu, 12 February 2015

National Voices, the health and care charity coalition, has updated the demands for genuinely person centred care. It warns that services are increasingly fragmented and underfunded, with too little voice for patients and families, and says that fully involving people in decisions is the key to improvement.

In Person centred care 2020: Calls and contributions from health and social care charities, published in September 2014, National Voices members call on the next government to make person centred care the central ambition for health reform, and to provide consistent leadership, more funding and stability. They want to see government supporting local efforts which personalise and coordinate services, particularly for people with chronic conditions and disabilities, with public agencies, voluntary groups and local communities working together.

Visit Person Centred Care 2020 for more information on our work. 

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Person Centred Care 2020