Wellbeing Our Way is one year old!

Tue, 14 July 2015

It’s been an exciting first year for Wellbeing Our Way – the POW WOW series has been a popular and engaging way of sharing good practice; the emerging communities of practice are bringing together small groups of organisations interested in developing approaches like care and support planning and peer support; and our model of impact ensures that we are working towards a shared vision.

Natalie Koussa, programme lead offers a blog reflecting on the past year and aspirations for the coming year.

Most importantly, Wellbeing Our Way is beginning to create change. On Monday we have published our first case study – Influencing Change and have published the second case study today - Bringing organisations together to create change.

There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved with Wellbeing Our Way. You can register for an upcoming workshop, sign up for WOW Now (our e-newsletter) or get in touch with Natalie for more information.

Happy birthday Wellbeing Our Way and thank you to all who are contributing to the programme!

“Excellent opportunity to meet and work with lots of wonderful people – and to be reminded of other people’s experiences/lives/views.”

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