Realising the Value: 3 opportunities for you to get involved

Thu, 10 September 2015

The Realising the Value programme is now moving into its active phase and National Voices invites your interest in the three areas below.
1. Feedback on Discussion Paper
The programme has published a discussion paper, ‘How should we think about value in health and care?’. This paper is the first step towards building a new articulation of value across health and care, which better reflects what matters most to people and communities, and the types of value they themselves contribute. 
The programme team are now looking for comments on the paper from a wide range of stakeholders. Click here to download the paper and questions for feedback. 
2. Call for applications to be a local partner site
Realising the Value is studying the value of person- and community-centred interventions, with a view to creating models and tools for commissioners and others to use.
From an evidence review, five types of intervention have been chosen for further study:
  • Self-management education
  • Peer support
  • Health coaching
  • Group activities that promote health and wellbeing (community-based activities such as cooking classes, walking groups, etc)
  • Asset based community development (ABCD)
The programme is now looking for experienced local partner sites, from within the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector or that work closely with this sector, that have an appetite to use their existing experience to help others learn what works in practice in relation to each of these topics.  
Click here to find out more about how to apply and the support available to partner sites. There will also be a webinar on Thursday 24 September for interested organisations.
3. Share your existing tools on the 5 areas
The programme is also keen to hear from organisations who have already produced tools and models to try to help commissioners and providers implement the five interventions listed above.
If you have existing resources that you think the programme could learn from and share with others, please do upload them online here by Tuesday 6 October.
More detail on each of the items above can be found on the programme website, where you can also sign up for continuing programme news and updates.