Helen Jenkins
Thu, 21 November 2019
National Voices together with PPl and COBIC, will be leading a working session on PCNs.
Don Redding
Dr James Kingsland
Sophie Randall

Brigstowe | Positive Voices: Project Mid-way Evaluation

This mid-way evaluation of the Positive Voices project includes feedback from people that attended Recently Diagnosed Workshops and HIV Awareness Training. The evaluation also focuses on the challenges that mentors face in one-to-one peer support, and the key learning points going forward to make sure this has a sustainable impact for communities. 

Please follow this link for the full evaluation.

Fri, 6 December 2019
We look forward to welcoming our members to our AGM this year at Hempsons on the 6th December. Register your place now.
Wed, 13 November 2019
Joint Industry Collaborative and members meeting: “Making it Real” will be happening Wednesday 13th November 14:00-16:00 at National Voices
Charlotte Augst
Sarah writes to National Voices members to explain the work that National Voices will do doing on unmet needs for the NHS England/Innovation as part of the AAC

Dear all,

As highlighted in one of the latest Members Update, NHS England/Innovation have agreed to fund National Voices to undertake some research and engagement regarding unmet needs of patients, service users, carers and families to help inform its work as part of the Accelerated...

Positive Voices Project :- Mid-term Evaluation

This evaluation presents the mid-way findings of Brigstowe's Positive Voices project which includes the following services one-to-one Peer Support - a new and unique local service providing peer support for people who are recently diagnosed or struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis; Recently Diagnosed Workshops: a series of workshops to bring together newly diagnosed individuals providing information to promote wellbeing and acceptance of their diagnosis and HIV Awareness Training.


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