People from across the health and care sector – including some of its most eminent figures – have delivered a sharp warning about the risks of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Patient champions, carers, doctors, academics, and leaders of charities and professional bodies have signed a joint letter to the...

Verena Hewat
Catherine Priestley

Member briefing: Serious Shortage Protocols

In January 2019 the government made a change to the legislation that governs how pharmacists dispense medicines. This change comes into effect this Sunday 10 February 2019 and is applicable to both primary and secondary care. The aim of the change is to provide for any future situation where there is a serious shortage of a specific prescription medicine.

This briefing outlines what the Serious Shortage Protocols are, how they will work, their consultation process and emerging concerns.

Jenny McAteer
Alex Fox, Chief Executive of Shared Lives Plus and Ewan King, Director of Business Development and Delivery at the Social Care Institute for Excellence
National Voices responds to NHS England’s publication of ‘Universal Personalised Care: Implementing the comprehensive model’.

Commenting on the delivery plan for personalised care, Don Redding, Director of Policy and Partnerships at National Voices, said:

National Voices welcomes the delivery plan for personalised care: a ‘how to’ guide for every local health system to make the NHS Comprehensive

Jeremy Taylor

MP Briefing on Brexit

National Voices is the coalition of 140 health and care charities in England, bringing the voice of patients, service users and carers to bear on national policy.

After working with partners on the implications of EU withdrawal for health and care over the last 18 months, and based on information from members who work with patients, service users, and the NHS and social care systems, National Voices is now calling on the UK government, working with parliament, to exclude the option of leaving the EU without an agreement.

Wed, 8 May 2019
A meeting of National Voices' Policy and Public Affairs Network


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