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Process Evaluation of a Peer-led Antenatal Breastfeeding Class for Fathers: Perceptions of Facilitators and Participants. Kuliukas L, Hauck YL, Jorgensen A, Kneebone K, Burns SK, Maycock BR, Scott JA. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2019;19(1):48,

Breastfeeding education classes for fathers by fathers provides an interactive environment which assists understanding the value and importance of breastfeeding.

Cancer support groups: a guide to setting up and maintaining a group

This report is for people interested in leading face-to-face cancer support groups and established group leaders. It aims to help people to think about community needs for cancer support groups, determine a group’s purpose and format, learn how to form, run and maintain a face-to-face group, learn how to promote a group to the community, review how things are done, deal with challenges that may come up, and reinvigorate or close a struggling group.

Best practice framework in peer support

This Best Practice Framework aims to set out some of the guiding principles behind developing and operating peer support programs. It provides a guide to setting up and growing peer support of various types, including face to face groups and online groups. It aims to help people new to the concepts of peer support avoid some of the pitfalls and to find ways to ensure their group continues. The resource was written for not for profit organisations and stand-alone peer support groups.


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