Positive Voices Project :- Mid-term Evaluation

This evaluation presents the mid-way findings of Brigstowe's Positive Voices project which includes the following services one-to-one Peer Support - a new and unique local service providing peer support for people who are recently diagnosed or struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis; Recently Diagnosed Workshops: a series of workshops to bring together newly diagnosed individuals providing information to promote wellbeing and acceptance of their diagnosis and HIV Awareness Training.

Quantifying the benefits of peer support for people with dementia: A Social Return on Investment (SROI) study

Peer support for people with dementia and carers is routinely advocated in national strategies and policy as a post-diagnostic intervention. However there is limited evidence to demonstrate the value these groups offer. This study looked at three dementia peer support groups in South London to evaluate what outcomes they produce and how much social value they create in relation to the cost of investment.

Healthbridge: the national evaluation of peer support networks and dementia advisers in implementation of the national dementia strategy for England

This extensive evaluation used a mixed methods approach to collect data from 40 demonstrator peer support sites that work with adults with dementia in England. The evaluation aimed to identify ways in which Peer Support Networks and Dementia Advisers contribute to the well-being and resilience of people with dementia and carers, specifically in relation to accessibility of services, involvement and information, support for making choices and independence.

The power of peer support

This report reflects on the value of peer support and shares case studies and practical insights from ten organisations who, through the Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund, have worked to grow and spread their activities to many more people across England. The focus was on moving peer support from pockets of good practice to being delivered at scale and in more impactful ways. The report then summarises the trends and lessons learned from all ten case studies about how to deliver peer support across a range of conditions and with very different groups of people.

Mental health peer support in England: piecing together the jigsaw

This report follows a scoping study to map what peer support groups and projects exist across England. The study also aimed to explore the experience and needs of existing peer support groups and projects in order to understand the development needs to allow peer support projects to increase and flourish. The resource draws out the lessons learnt in sections on evaluation, funding and sustainability, partnering with other organisations, training and project reach. The resource ends with a full list of the peer support groups involved with the scoping study.


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