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Peer Support And Psychosocial Pain Management Strategies For Children With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus : Nabors L, Ige TJ, Fevrier B : J Immunol Res 2015;2015:238263.

This article describes peer support for children with a specific long-term condition. It gives a case study of how a programme was set up, piloted and expanded and factors that others may wish to take into account when expanding to provide peer support for children.

Peer Housing Support Program

The Peer Housing Support Program is a Lived Experience community-driven initiative, dedicated to providing support with, and a sense of community and belonging for, people transitioning from experiences of homelessness to safe and stable housing of their choice. The Peer Housing Support Program is a partnership between peers, peer supporters, the Coalition, and participating housing organizations. The effectiveness of peer support in recovery-informed practice is evidence-based as an integral support within health and social services.

Contributions of peer support to health, healthcare, and prevention: papers from peers for progress

This set of articles describes a range of approaches to peer support provided by community health workers, lay health advisors, promotores de salud and others. They explore the efficacy, effectiveness, feasibility, reach and sustainability of peer support for diabetes self-management. Topics include the types of peers to provide support, reaching the seldom reached, success factors in peer support interventions, proactive approaches, attention to emotions, dissemination models and policy implications.

New mothers and postpartum depression: a narrative review of peer support intervention studies

This literature review provides examples of the effectiveness of peer support for mothers with postpartum depression (PPD). Although the results were mixed, they provide insights into how peer support volunteers can be an innovative part of a team approach to PPD intervention. The examples provided are brief.

DIMENSIONS: Peer support program toolkit

This toolkit is designed for use by hospitals, healthcare clinics and community agencies wanting to set up, grow or sustain a peer support programme. It provides practical tools and step-by-step instructions to plan for, implement, and sustain a successful peer support program. Examples are given from the fields of behavioural health, long-term conditions, justice, military and the homeless.


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