Describing person-centred care

National Voices’ ‘I statement’ publications describe what person-centred, coordinated care should feel like, from the perspectives of people receiving care and their families.

The ‘I statements’ are first-person statements which focus on the feelings and beliefs of the speaker; in this case the person accessing a service. The statements are present-tense and aspirational. They describe a situation in which care is always based upon what matters most to the person receiving it.

The first ‘I statement’ publication – ‘A narrative for person-centred coordinated care’ – is generic. Subsequent publications, in recognition of the fact that different things matter most to different groups of people, focus on particular population groups or particular health and care settings, for example children and young people, and end of life care.

All of the ‘I statement’ publications were co-produced with other voluntary organisations, people with experience of using services, and NHS and social care leaders, with contributions from commissioners and service providers.