Five Year Forward View People and Communities Board

There are seven governance Boards established to implement the NHS Five Year Forward View. National Voices chairs the People and Communities Board.

The People and Communities Board exists to:

  1. Champion the Five Year Forward View vision and commitments and more broadly ensure that person-centred care and community-centred services are embedded in the Five Year Forward View programme;
  2. Harness the expertise of patients, service-users, engaged citizens, the voluntary sector, and other stakeholders, providing a support and challenge function in relation to the delivery of the commitments across the whole of the Five Year Forward View, including those that relate to prevention and new models of care.

The six principles for new care models

The People and Communities Board, alongside the New Models of Care Vanguard Sites, has produced a set of six principles for changing the way that health and care relate to people and communities. These ‘six principles’ set out the basis of good person centred, community focused health and care.

Download the six principles for new care models.

NHS Five Year Forward View

NHS England's Five Year Forward View sets out a vision for the development of health and care services in the next five years. It emphasises preventing ill health, coordinating and personalising services, engaging patients and communities, and creating new, more integrated models of care.

The Five Year Forward View outlines a health system that has a new relationship with patients and communities. It sets out a series of commitments in relation to empowering people, supporting carers, promoting volunteering, and engaging the voluntary sector and communities. 

Read more about the Five Year Forward View on the NHS England website


If you have any questions about the People and Communities Board, contact Sarah Hutchinson.

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