Health and Wellbeing Alliance

National Voices is a member of the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance, a partnership between the Department of Health, NHS England, Public Health England and the voluntary sector.

What does the Alliance do?

The Alliance exists to be a bridge between the voluntary sector, the health and care system, and the people who use it. It aims to ensure high quality services which improve health and wellbeing, respond fairly and effectively to all communities, and give people a strong voice.

What are the objectives of the programme?

  • Encourage co-production in the creation of person-centred, community-based health and care which promotes equality for all;
  • Enable the voice of people with lived experience and those experiencing health inequalities to inform national policy making and shape the delivery of services;
  • Build evidence of sustainable, scalable solutions to mitigate and prevent inequalities impacting on health and wellbeing of communities.

How were members of the Alliance chosen?

The 21 members of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance have been selected for their reach into a wide range of communities facing significant health inequalities, and their ability to represent the collective views of the voluntary community and social enterprise sector.

What is National Voices doing as part of the Alliance?

As a member of the Alliance, National Voices will amplify the voice of the voluntary sector and people with lived experience to inform national policy, facilitate integrated working between the voluntary and statutory sectors, and co-produce solutions to promote equality and reduce health inequalities.

List of Alliance members

  • Age UK
  • Complex Needs Consortium
  •  Carers Partnership
  •  Citizen’s Advice
  • Clinks and Nacro
  • End of Life Care Consortium
  • Faith Action
  • Friends, Families and Travellers
  • Homeless Link
  • Maternity Action
  • Men’s Health Forum
  •  Mental Health Consortia
  • National LGB&T Partnership
  • National Voices
  • NCVO
  • Race Equality Foundation
  • UK Health Forum
  • Young People’s Health Partnership
  • The Valuing People Alliance
  •  Win-Win Alliance

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