Social Prescribing

NHS England is seeking to build its engagement and understanding of voluntary and community sector experiences and perspectives on social prescribing, to enable more effective partnerships and maximise social prescribing’s contribution to the ambitions of the Long Term Plan and relevant Universal Personalised Care (UPC) Actions.

NHS England Personalised Care Group (PCG) has therefore commissioned National Voices to engage the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) to explore the critical issues for the sector that need to be addressed to enable effective social prescribing and to develop suggested solutions with the VCSE sector for addressing them.

What are the aims of this project?

This project will build on this work, by exploring the key enabling local conditions that are needed to allow social prescribing to happen at scale. It will explore the critical and contested issues that need to be addressed at a whole system level and it will identify what is needed to build community assets and capacity. It will finally focus on what does good peer support look like, National voices hosts the national Peer Support Hub.

What we have planned.

  • Five Regional and local Workshops to engage the wider VCSE sector, agree joint actions to help adopt the approaches. Our first one will be taking place on the 5th March in the South West- Follow this link to register. These workshops will bring together experienced practitioners serving both rural, typically older populations and more diverse urban communities and will look to join up with already planned regional events.
  • Online Webinars, surveys  and learning sessions to test the findings from  workshops with a broader cross section of the VCS, and to prioritise up to three issues requiring solutions.
  • Development of Communities of practice to deliver three further workshops to explore solutions that local areas have already developed, and to identify further opportunities for system leaders and local stakeholders to respond to and address them
  • Two Roundtables with VCS experts on peer support to develop and agree sector-led principles for effective peer support. We will work with the Peer Support Hub steering group to shape this work.
  • Write up and learning reports setting out the consensus from voluntary and community sector stakeholders on critical issues and strategic recommendations to address these, along with Principles, hints and tips.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions about our work on social prescribing or if you are keen to get involved: