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Update: May 2021

Our COVID Voices was a National Voices’ project that invited people in the UK to share their experiences of life under lockdown when the pandemic struck in early 2020.

The arrival of the COVID-19 virus made everyday life feel very different, with health and care services being delivered differently - many services stopped altogether. Our ability to take part in our communities and to see friends and family was limited. Everything from food shopping, to home care, to doctors’ appointments changed.

National Voices felt that the voices of the many people living with ongoing health conditions, ill health or disability were being left out of the national discussion. We created a digital platform, Our COVID Voices, in collaboration with PPL and Ayup, to make it easy for people living with ongoing health needs to tell the world what life was like for them.

National Voices used the insight generated to influence national and local decision-makers to help shape policies and services. The experiences shared on the website were communicated widely and used as a basis for the report What We Need Now

We have recently shut down the website that Our COVID Voices sat on but have retained the information that people contributed and it is available to anyone interested. It is our intention to create a new set of pages for the project during the upcoming redesign of our website.

For more information on Our COVID Voices, or to get a copy of all the contributions, please email info@nationalvoices.org.uk.