Patient Leadership

New collaboration with the Health Foundation

As part of our strategic review we decided that we needed to foreground actual lived experience in everything we do. In our engagement with the NHSE Innovation team, we are making this happen by working with you, and what you all know about unmet needs of the people you support – an impressive 22 members have engaged with our project manager Sarah Brooke – we are writing up the results and are sharing them with NHSE now.

We are also exploring ways of making existing patient experience data work harder, and bringing it to decision makers: early in the new year, we will convene a workshop where we discuss patient experience data sets and how we as a sector can make more of this insight.

Now our biggest, and most exciting investment in this space is about to go live: The Health Foundation has approved funding for the 9 month design phase for a potential multi-year collaboration that aims to strengthen the work of patient partners/ activists by bringing them together into a community, similar to their Q-Community of improvers.

We are now recruiting a part time project manager for this phase, and will get going in earnest in the new year. It is crucial that we understand what you, our members, do when you work with experts by experience – as improvers, co-producers or campaigners. This is to ensure we actually add value to your (and their) work, rather than re-invent the wheel.

So one of the first things our project manager will do is to reach out to all of you to find out how you involve people with lived experience in your work, and in system change.

We are confident that by thinking about this in collaboration and by focussing on where we can make a difference together, we can ensure that the energy and insight of patient partners has a bigger impact on national or local change initiatives than it has at the moment. So watch this space!