The member representative

National Voices requires each member of the coalition to nominate a ‘member representative’ or ‘member rep’.

This is the person who acts as the bridge between the member organisation and National Voices. There are certain logistical duties that member reps fulfil, such as organising payment of renewals, voting in National Voices elections and being the official voice of their organisation for some National Voices surveys. Member reps also help promote our member benefits to their colleagues to make sure they get the best value out of National Voices membership.

The member rep is the main conduit for information from National Voices to their colleagues and vice versa. We also encourage everyone at our member organisations to consider getting involved through our Membership Advisory Panel, to join our member networks, and to attend our free member events.

Telling others about National Voices

Here is some text you could use to inform your colleagues about National Voices:

“We are members of National Voices, the coalition of charities that stands for people being in control of their health and care. This means we can access a wide range of benefits, including newsletters, free events, publicity for our campaigns, and opportunities to take part in projects.

To find out more about National Voices and our membership go to or contact our Member Representative: Name, title, email address

Sign up to the weekly Members’ Update email for the latest in health and social care, opportunities to get involved, and news from other member organisations.”