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This guide provides tips for setting up and sustaining peer support groups, one to one activities and other models in health services. The guide discusses strategic thinking and sustainability in...

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Author: Peers for Progress

This toolkit is designed for use by hospitals, healthcare clinics and community agencies wanting to set up, grow or sustain a peer support programme. It provides practical tools and step-by-step...

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Author: University of Colorado

This guide shows areas where peers might assume leadership or advisory roles, including programme development and planning, direct service delivery (including peer support), public outreach and...

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Author: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

A one page compentency scale designed to measure the service user's interaction and relationship with peer support workers.

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Author: AHP

This video provides a case study of peer support experiences which may contain learning points for programmes wishing to develop or expand.

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Author: Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change

In 2016 we developed the play, 'A Space for Sharing' to convey through drama our key research findings from the research undertaken at Sheffield on online health forums (...

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Author: University of Sheffield 'A Space for Sharing' project, and Dead Earnest

This literature review provides examples of the effectiveness of peer support for mothers with postpartum depression (PPD). Although the results were mixed, they provide insights into how peer...

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Author: Leger J, Letourneau N.

People with psychotic disorders frequently experience significant mental and social limitations that may result in persisting social isolation.  This article briefly reviews the literature and...

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Aimed at sexual health service providers for young people, this is a guide to introducing a peer-led model of care, outlining the tasks that peers can perform, the evidence that points to health...

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Author: International Planned Parenthood Federation