One-to-one peer support/peer mentoring

Peer support that is offered between two individuals. Methods of support are diverse, ranging from informal befriending and social support to the more structured and solution-focused mentoring approaches. It is normally supported to some degree by an independent third party who pairs people together based on what support an individual is looking for.

National Standards for Peer Support in HIV

National Standards for Peer Support for people living with HIV. Designed for people living with HIV to set out what they can expect when accessing or providing peer support, for organisations in informing the design and delivery of support, for health and social care professionals to better engage with peer support, and for commissioners and policy makers in inform service design and ensure the effective commissioning of quality peer support.

Evidence For Peer Support In Rehabilitation For Individuals With Acquired Brain Injury: A Systematic Review. Wobma R, Nijland RH, Ket JC, Kwakkel G. J. Rehabil Med 2016;48(10):837-840.

Which type of peer support is most effective when dealing with an acquired brain injury?   This journal outlines many examples and their merits.


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