Peer support groups

Peer support offered in a group setting. Groups are normally centred around a theme such as a shared medical diagnosis, a shared experience (e.g. being LGBT), or a shared interest (e.g. a gardening group). Groups can be structured, organised and facilitated in different ways. They can operate independently or as part of a wider network of groups.

Evidence For Peer Support In Rehabilitation For Individuals With Acquired Brain Injury: A Systematic Review. Wobma R, Nijland RH, Ket JC, Kwakkel G. J. Rehabil Med 2016;48(10):837-840.

Which type of peer support is most effective when dealing with an acquired brain injury?   This journal outlines many examples and their merits.

Effect Of Support Group Peer Facilitator Training Programmes On Peer Facilitator And Support Group Member Outcomes: A Systematic Review. Delisle VC, Gumuchian ST, Kloda LA, Boruff J, El-Baalbaki G, Körner A, Malcarne VL, Thombs BD. BMJ Open 2016; 6(11): E

A scientific study examining the difference that well trained peer support faciliatators make to the quality and duration of peer support groups


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