Contextual issues in determining the dose of peer training and peer support

These slides set out learning from 14 peer support programmes for people with diabetes from various countries. It looks at the key issues these programmes faced when it came to selecting and retaining peers, the scope and length of peer training, ongoing supervision, training intensity and local issues. The slides do not propose solutions to these issues, it only identifies them.

Peer support interventions: training, ensuring competencies, and intervention tracking

This resource contains the powerpoints and handouts for a seminar that looks at training peer leaders and evaluating training outcomes. The resource also includes information specific to peer support for african americans with diabetes, roleplay scripts, template active listening skills evaluation form and template questionnaires.

Evaluating peer programs

These slides from a webinar set out a step by step guide on how to evaluate a peer support project using case studies to illustrate how the process works. The slides also show the importance of evaluating peer support, the components of an evaluation plan for peer programmes, tools to help measure peer services and ways to share evaluation findings.


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