Development And Delivery Of A Diverse Peer Support Programme For Renal Service Users, Their Family And Carers: An Action Research Collaboration.

What happens when a hospital implements a peer support programme for patients with kidney failure?  This paper looks into how effective this peer support programme was and makes recommendations for developing further.

Peer Involvement and Leadership in Early Intervention in Psychosis Services: From Planning to Peer Support and Evaluation.

This guide shows areas where peers might assume leadership or advisory roles, including programme development and planning, direct service delivery (including peer support), public outreach and engagement, clinician education, and quality improvement and evaluation.

Brigstowe | Positive Voices: Project Mid-way Evaluation

This mid-way evaluation of the Positive Voices project includes feedback from people that attended Recently Diagnosed Workshops and HIV Awareness Training. The evaluation also focuses on the challenges that mentors face in one-to-one peer support, and the key learning points going forward to make sure this has a sustainable impact for communities. 

Please follow this link for the full evaluation.

National Standards in HIV Peer Support

The standards set out the competencies and skills required for delivering peer support, auditable indicators and outcomes to demonstrate effectiveness and examples of good practice to draw upon. They were developed in collaboration with HIV voluntary and clinical sector services and are recognised and referenced within the British HIV Association's Standards of Care, 2018.


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