Peer support for diabetes, heart disease and HIV/AIDS: a review of the clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and guidelines

This resource summarises literature about the effectiveness of difference types of peer support for people with various long-term conditions. It includes examples and guidelines / tips to gain good outcomes from peer support.

Cancer support groups: a guide to setting up and maintaining a group

This report is for people interested in leading face-to-face cancer support groups and established group leaders. It aims to help people to think about community needs for cancer support groups, determine a group’s purpose and format, learn how to form, run and maintain a face-to-face group, learn how to promote a group to the community, review how things are done, deal with challenges that may come up, and reinvigorate or close a struggling group.

Equipping behavioral health systems & authorities to promote peer specialist/peer recovery coaching services

This report from a US government department provides details of how health systems and authorities can promote and sustain peer workers and peer coaching for mental health and substance abuse. The department recruited an expert panel to understand the needs of behavioral health systems and authorities as they promote and support peer coaching services. Specifically, the panelists worked to understand the current practices for peer coaches, identify innovative workforce development activities, and develop specific recommendations for behavioral health systems and authorities.

Piloting dissemination and advocacy of peer support through social media: peers for progress recent effort and lessons learned

This report describes how one programme promoted and advocated for peer support using various types of social media. It considers whether this is a cost effective way to promote and sustain peer support services and gives learnings from the process.

Peer support in health and health care. A guide to program development and management

This guide provides tips for setting up and sustaining peer support groups, one to one activities and other models in health services. The guide discusses strategic thinking and sustainability in peer support which it categorises into  organisational readiness, programme development, evaluation and program implementation.


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