DIMENSIONS: Peer support program toolkit

This toolkit is designed for use by hospitals, healthcare clinics and community agencies wanting to set up, grow or sustain a peer support programme. It provides practical tools and step-by-step instructions to plan for, implement, and sustain a successful peer support program. Examples are given from the fields of behavioural health, long-term conditions, justice, military and the homeless.

Peer support toolkit

This toolkit provides tips for managing  peer supporters and is particularly focused on managing people with alcohol or substance misuse issues. It focuses on how to recruit, train and supervise peer supporters as well as suggestions for record keeping. Service users were consulted when developing the guide and input was sought from public health, policy and workforce development experts.

Peer support resource manual

This manual from Canada focuses on setting up and maintaining peer support programmes for people with a mental illness. It includes a step-by-step outline of how to develop a peer support programme as well as a recruitment and training curriculum for peer supporters. It has a number of forms and templates that can be used for evaluations.

Developing peer support in the community

This toolkit was coproduced as part of Mind's 'Side by Side' project. The toolkit gives some guidance on how to better understand and communicate your impact, what the core principles of peer support mean, ways to facilitate and coordinate projects, ways to balance organisational support with independence, troubleshooting solutions to challenges, and advice for funders and comissioners.


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