Peer Support.

A brief introduction to the benefits of peer support, outlining different models and including links to useful further reading around the Mental Health Foundation’s peer support research.

Peer Housing Support Program

The Peer Housing Support Program is a Lived Experience community-driven initiative, dedicated to providing support with, and a sense of community and belonging for, people transitioning from experiences of homelessness to safe and stable housing of their choice. The Peer Housing Support Program is a partnership between peers, peer supporters, the Coalition, and participating housing organizations. The effectiveness of peer support in recovery-informed practice is evidence-based as an integral support within health and social services.

How do people make decisions in peer support? Understanding what's important when referring, recommending or using peer support

This resource summarises results of surveys in the UK exploring why people access peer support and what factors influence the likelihood of them doing so. It also summarises what matters to healthcare professionals when deciding whether to refer or recommend peer support services, and what they might need when making this decision. The results of this may be useful to those wishing to grow and expand their peer support offering.


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