WOW Community: Publication Guidelines

Wellbeing Our Way's community page is a space to share examples of promising practice around engaging people in their health and care. We hope that the examples will support the development of the community approaches we know can help people live well, in the ways which matter to them.

Who will read the examples?

The examples will be read by people working within a range of charities and community organisations (including National Voices’ members), health journalists and policy makers, people with lived experience of long term health needs or caring responsibilities, people volunteering within the charity sector, and the general public.

Style and editing guide

Please aim for:

  • engaging examples which are written in English that is easy to understand
  • 400 - 800 words (shorter is generally better)
  • no jargon (or, if necessary explain it or link to an explanation)
  • include links to organisations mentioned / key documents
  • where appropriate, please secure permission from your own organisation to share the example


Please feel free to promote your example once it is published. This could be through your organisation’s website, LinkedIn or Twitter or your personal social media channels. Please use #WOWhealth. National Voices may promote your post through Twitter and e-newsletters.


National Voices reserves the right to refuse to publish all or part of any example. For instance, examples which appear to be spam, or which contain negative feedback about a particular service or individual will not be published. National Voices publishes the examples in good faith and does not check the accuracy of examples given.