Age UK Integrated Care: Beth's Story

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Beth lived alone and had recently spent long periods in hospital following repeated falls.  Beth had “chronic legs”, asthma and dementia.  She was living in one room of her large house, where she slept, ate, watched TV and had all her personal care done.  District Nurses visited Beth four times a week and she had a care package of four visits a day.

Beth used to eat out regularly and have her hair done every week. 

How we helped

After talking to Beth and understanding how she used to live, we found that the key to her goal setting was her desire to get her hair properly washed and cut.  She wanted to be able to get to her ensuite to have her hair washed, instead of having a dry shampoo in the same room where she spent all of her time.  Health staff were concerned about about the risk of mobilising.

We arranged for Beth to have a functional assessment with the Age UK Postural Stability Instructor and for her to work with Beth to improve her mobility. We set an appointment for a mobile hairdresser to visit, and for a British Red Cross therapist to give Beth a neck massage and manicure.

Two months later..

Beth’s mobility has improved and she can bend with her head down so that her hair can be washed over the sink in the bathroom.  The hairdresser used to live on Beth’s street and they talked about people they both knew. The hairdresser and the therapist visit Beth regularly.

The District Nurse visits have reduced to one a fortnight and Beth hasn’t had any more admissions to hospital.

Beth’s wellbeing score has improved from 18/35 to 29/35.

Beth has not left her house yet but has increased her mobility and has achieved what was important to her. The next step will be to agree a new goal and achieve bigger challenges.

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