Age UK Integrated Care: John's Story

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John lives with his wife but had felt that he was becoming increasingly reliant on her, which was causing tension.  He had lost confidence to go out on his own and had found his social world had shrunk.  John has diabetes, heart disease, atrial fibrillation and dementia.  He didn’t have a package of care but was frequently visiting his GP and missing his diabetes appointments.

How we helped

John wanted to be able to do the things that he used to enjoy. We spent time finding out what those things were as well as identifying ways to help him manage his diabetes more effectively.

We initiated social activities and attendance at support groups over a period of a few weeks, building on John’s confidence incrementally, so that he was able to take on more activities and challenges.

Two months later..

John attended a Stress Buster course accompanied by volunteer. This had an additional benefit as it was held at a venue where John used to work and he was able to catch up with former colleagues.

John also attended a diabetes support group and shared his experiences with others. He keeps his regular appointments with the podiatry service and diabetes nurse.

John and his wife enjoy short mat bowling at the local church and have joined the theatre group. 

John also attends the Memory Cafe and a coffee group, independently.

His wife said that the support they both received probably prevented her from having a breakdown.

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