Age UK Integrated Care: Mrs G's Story

Here's the shared example

Mrs G has angina and dementia, amongst other conditions.  Mrs G had repeated falls and was in regular contact with out of hours services and had been in hospital four times last year.  She has been housebound for a number of years and both her and her husband were depressed and anxious.  Her husband is her main carer, who was struggling to care for his wife and wanted some time to himself.

How we helped

Through talking to Mrs G, it became apparent that her main goal was to take her dog for a walk on the beach, but she was anxious about falling and after being housebound for such a long time she thought this was unachievable.

We arranged for Mrs G to have a functional assessment and an exercise buddy helped her with balance training at home.  Gradually, her mobility improved.

A short while later...

Mrs G’s mobility improved sufficiently for her to attend a regular social event, giving her husband a chance to go out.  Mrs G and her husband are more independent and able to remain at home together.  She has had no further hospital admissions and she enjoys throwing a ball for her dog on the beach.

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