Age UK Integrated Care: Wilma's Story

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Before we met Wilma, she had been in the acute hospital for 12 days due to heart failure, and she also had sciatica, and suffers from hypertension and arthritis.  Wilma had limited mobility and she used several aids, had a 6-week package of care, and was supported by the Community Matron. However, Wilma was anxious about getting out and losing her independence, as she had lost confidence and lived alone.

How we helped

Together, we set a goal for Wilma to get out of the house and get involved with social and physical activities. 

Wilma’s priority was to make her kitchen more accessible.  A volunteer gave her some help and they sorted things into baskets.  Within a couple of weeks this was achieved.  We also arranged home care – an hour every fortnight.

We decided to set small and realistic goals and review them regularly so that Wilma’s confidence would increase and she would be inclined to take on more ambitious challenges.

Three months later..

Wilma’s wellbeing score has improved from 14/35 to 27/35.

We accompanied Wilma to the local Breathers’ Group and a balance and stability class and within a month she was able to attend independently.

Wilma joined a shopping trip at Morrison’s, which she greatly enjoyed, particularly eating a meal with others as she usually eats alone. 

Wilma also joined the cinema and theatre groups and attended a mental health wellbeing course accompanied by a volunteer, for 2 hours a week over 6 weeks.

She attended the local coffee group and commented that it was “so nice to have something to look forward to”.  Wilma made a particular effort with her appearance.  By now, Wilma has been to at least 20 coffee groups held at various venues around Newquay and in other people’s homes.  Her confidence improved to the point that Wilma is herself a ‘networker’ and will share her experience with new groups.

Wilma was one of the contributors to the original Pathfinder DVD.

Wilma has had no further admissions to hospital and she’s had her kitchen completely refitted.

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