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Being Well Salford is about enabling people to improve their lives. This could be in terms of mood, weight, being active and smoking or alcohol intake.

Our participants take control, and make the decisions – we have a team of coaches who help and support people along the way, talking through the root causes of any issues, working together to make changes. Coaches motivationally train participants to rethink how they can make their own positive changes to their lives.

We work with Salford residents – or people registered with a Salford GP – who want to make changes to two or more of the following areas in their life: weight, smoking, alcohol, physical activity, low mood or depression.

Participants can be with the service for up to 12 months and we will contact people after their 12 months to see how they are doing with the changes that they have made. We are funded by Salford City Council.

“I felt listened to, and no other service has ever fulfilled this for me. You helped me identify the reasons behind my actions and why I felt fed up and low. I now feel more positive about my ability to do things and I am thankful that I have done this.”      - Participant

We often see benefits in other areas of a participant’s life, aiming to not only give people the tools to make positive decisions to effect their own lives, but also to impact on their wider social networks.

  • 88% of participants have adopted at least 3 behaviour change goals within 6 months
  • On leaving the service, 86% of participants felt more hopeful about the future
  • On leaving the service, 83% of participants felt more in control of their lives
  • 100% of participants who had quit smoking continued not to smoke at follow up

Please remember that our criteria is an individual wanting to change two or more of the following issues, weight, activity, smoking, alcohol and low mood. They have to be a Salford Resident or have a Salford GP and be over 18 years old.  Please feel free to contact us using the details below if you need any more information or advice to refer to a coach:

Phone: 0161 743 3575; Email:

Population groups: 
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
People with physical disabilities
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