Co-producing and commissioning in integrated care

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West London CCG’s Whole Systems Integrated Care programme commissioned Kensington & Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) and Healthwatch Central West London to carry out their patient and voluntary sector engagement.

A series of in-depth interviews and focus groups with patients and carers was held, and a survey of voluntary and community sector organisations carried out. A patient panel worked with the Whole Systems Integrated Care Steering Group to ensure people were involved in decision making.

Priorities included ensuring access to self-management courses and resources, and accessible transport. A communication protocol between primary care, hospitals and social care was recommended.

An evaluation of the programme found that the patient panel played an important role in ensuring a focus on a holistic model of care, and panel members reported feeling valued. The evaluation also noted the importance of having a CCG Public & Patient Engagement Officer to encourage trust and understanding between the CCG, patients, Healthwatch, and the local voluntary and community sector.

This example was originally featured in the 'Six principles for people and communities: Putting them into practice' published by the People and Communities Board, with support from National Voices.

Population groups: 
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
People with physical disabilities
People with rare diseases
Pregnancy and maternity
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