EpSMon - The Epilepsy Self Monitor App: Live well with epilepsy

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EpSMon is a free, award winning epilepsy risk self-management app which allows people with the condition to monitor their own seizures and well-being. It provides the user with a regular check in, in-between medical appointments whichs shows how their condition may be changing over time and if any changes flagged need to be discussed with health professionals. It also give the user the chance to learn more about their condition and any areas they may benefit from looking to address or discuss with their doctors in order to reduce any rising risks, encouraging them to take control of their self-management between appointments.

The app is underpinned by the latest research into epilepsy risks and work done on SUDEP (Sudden Unexepected Death in Epilepsy). It uses this information to empower people with epilepsy to proactively monitor their condition and seek engagement with their health professionals, so positive steps can be taken to reduce risks where possible.

EpSMon has been created from the SUDEP and Seizure Safety Checklist, another free, award winning tool for Health Professionals to help discuss and monitor their patients' epilepsy. These tools can be used as part of an epilepsy care plan to help both professionals and people with epilepsy to openly and routinely discuss wellbeing, risks and their management.

For more information about epilepsy risks, SUDEP and how people with epilepsy can help keep themselves safer, please visit SUDEP Action via the link below.

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