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Healthy Me Healthy Communities is a social enterprise formed in 2012, with the strategic vision of ‘enabling people to improve their own and communities’ life expectancy and quality of life by reducing health and life inequalities, resulting in health and social-care savings.’ HMHC believe this will lead to ‘everyone enjoying a long, healthy and happy life’.


HMHC Strategic Aims

  • Increasing local resources, assets and social-networks for healthy communities.
  • Increasing economic independence with local people fulfilling their potential.
  • Improved self-reliance, prevention and self-care of long-term health conditions and mental well-being.
  • Improving the participant’s experience and satisfaction of our services.
  • Developing organisational excellence with strong governance and leadership


HMHC is based on the principles of co-production enabling people to improve their own and communities’ health and wellbeing. HMHC delivers a range of community projects for building community assets and training programmes, based around several themes. Eat Well offers Food Skills, Food Works (cooking for employment) and Food Safety workshops. Learn and Earn offers training and volunteering opportunities, as well as Start-Up! workshops for starting your own business or enterprise. Connect offers Community Organiser Training for effective community and service-user involvement, Community Conversations for building community health-plans, and SOUPS for community crowdfunding and capacity building.


Rusholme case study:

Healthy Me Healthy Communities recently produced a Community Conversation for Rusholme, in collaboration with residents, community organisations, statutory agencies, medical professionals and local elected-members. The first conversation conducted discussed what health and wellbeing means to participants, and the Rusholme community. Then participants took part in a range of exercise including mapping existing assets of people, places and networks.

From here, two main priorities and actions were decided on. 1. A clean and green Rusholme, with priorities such as safer cycling, a green trail, effective landlord regulation and improved business engagement. 2. Improved networks with a central community hub, including increased awareness and knowledge, more community health volunteers, and improved links between GPs and community groups. The conversation priorities are overseen by the Rusholme Health Forum and new projects developed at the Rusholme Soup – a crowdfunding social event.

The agreed first steps to take towards this community vision are new noticeboards located in community spaces and venues, to hold a community market of retail and information stalls, and to extend existing commercial waste collection services.

Population groups: 
Older people
People from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds
People with long term conditions
People with mental health problems
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